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Health Body, Healthy Mind

Hey there! This post is kind of random compared to what I usually post. I just thought this has been really helpful to me so maybe it will be helpful to someone else too. So here we go. Exercising has been on and off for me. I haven't been consistent with it since College (3 years ago). Weird how long ago that was. Anyway, since having a child it has been even more difficult to get a workout in but I have finally found something that has been working for me (it's only been two weeks so take that as you will).

Here is what I do: I set a timer for as much time as I have. For example, today, I only had 10 minutes before I had to get ready to take Oakley to school. So, I set a timer for 10 minutes and did a quick workout for 10 minutes. Most of my workouts are CrossFit workouts that I did in college that I loved. A lot of them are rounds and so when I set my timer, my goal is to get in as many rounds as I can before the time is up. One of the perks of using these workouts is that in class we always wrote down our time to finish the workout. That gives me a guide of how long it will take me to complete it. Now me being my competitive self, will try to beat my original time. Hasn't happened yet but like I said, it has only been two weeks and that time was at my peak fitness.

I have been reading Atomic Habits and one of the main points is to make the habit you want to do attractive. Working out used to be my favorite thing but it hasn't been a priority until recently. I need if for my mental health and energy and this has been one way to make working out attractive to me again. If I have a healthy body, then it will give me more energy to chase Oakley making me a better mom, which then motivates me to work harder on my business, making it grow, which brings in more income, which makes Brady less stressed and the spiral continues. Healthy body, healthy mind. One big happy family. That is the goal in the end isn't it? Hope this helped and motivated you to make taking care of yourself a priority. If you want to know more about my workouts, send me an email or message me on Instagram @thehankshome. I'd love to teach you more!

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