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Why We No Longer Have and AirBnB

Hey there!

We have prided ourselves on the hard work we put into our AirBnB and that we were able to get it up and running. We hired a management company to run the AirBnB portion of maintaining a nightly rental. This was going to free up a lot of our time and we wouldn't have to worry about inquiries or working with those renting our house. It was great! We loved not having to really think about it and enjoyed collecting a check each month. Well, one day we got word that our management company was closing. It was super short notice and she basically told us that the days that were booked would stay booked but that she was done at the end of the week. It was very short notice.

Brady and I were very lucky and only had one property through her. Others weren't so lucky. We had an opportunity to move it to a long-term rental and we took it. We are very grateful to them and offered to rent to them furnished but they declined the furnishings which was perfectly fine. We could sell the furniture.

We will have another AirBnB one day. We are always looking for the right property to do it in. We loved our AirBnB and under different circumstances, we probably would have kept it. We just had too much on our plate at the time to start managing it on our own. We were working on another flip and having another rental that needed more of our attention.

Anyway, if you are starting an AirBnB and have questions, feel free to reach out! We'd love to help you! Staging AirBnB's is one of my favorite things too and I'd love to work with you!

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