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Oakley's Nursery

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I am so excited to finally be sharing this with you. It took me a while to finish her room because I didn't order enough wallpaper to finish and ended up ordering some more. It looks so good and was well worth the wait!

Let's start with her statement wall. The wallpaper is one of my favorites from Scandinavian Workshop. I have used traditional wallpaper before and this was by far so much easier in my opinion. It is a peel and stick wallpaper which will make removal very easy when we are ready to take it down. It was so easy to put up though. I was able to get two rows hung in a half hour with Oakley trying to climb up my ladder. I love that the pattern is easy to line up too.

Her sign "Stay Wild My Child" is from Laurel and Oak. It did take a bit to get delivered but they are handmade pieces so it makes sense. I love it though. I was planning on doing a wildflower themed room in our other house and I saw a similar sign on Pinterest probably. I love how this came together though.

Her crib is from Amazon and is a convertible crib that can change into a toddler bed. That was the main reason that I chose this crib over others. I also love that you can adjust the height too. Oak is a petite little thing so we have only had to adjust the height once and it was really simple to do.

Now for the rocking chair. I love this chair and have fallen asleep in it many times. I will say, if you are shorter, you will want to have a foot rest to get the maximum rocking otherwise you will just be slowly scooting yourself back. I think its comfortable and bonus that it looks good too. I haven't had to clean it so I'm not sure how it handles stains but I will update this post when I do. I'm sure it's nothing a little Folex couldn't handle.

The dresser and changing top are from Wayfair. If you are going to have your changing table be on top of the dresser, I highly recommend getting this tray to hold the pad in place. Oak is a wiggler and I'm sure she would have scooted the pad off if it were by itself. She is getting to the point where changing her on the floor is easier now so we will probably be switching that up soon. For the dresser, it did come with legs. I am just short and with the changing station on top, the legs made it too tall for me to reach comfortably. I decided to just leave them off and have the option to add them later if we want.

Sidenote: This isn't decor related, but we love our Owlet Camera and sock. It gave us so much peace of mind when Oakley was smaller. She is too active for the sock now but the camera is super helpful. It connects through an app on your phone and notifies you if there is any unusual movement or if she starts crying. It's so helpful during those sleep training days.

The artwork and signs are ones that I found at Vintage Market Days or Hobby Lobby. As I said before, I was planning on having a wildflower themed room for her and loved the flowers in the pictures. I will change them out as she grows up but I love them and what they say.

Overall, I love the way that her nursery turned out. It looks so good and shares a bit of her personality. She is definitely a girly-girl and loves her babies and her purses. I never thought I would have a pink nursery but here we are. I love it though.

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