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Favorite Amazon Home Decor

Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links. This means that I earn a commission off of your purchases but this doesn't increase the cost of the product.

I loved putting this list together for you. I am constantly on the search for great home decor and for some things Hobby Lobby just doesn't make the cut. These are all products that I already have and love.

"If you don't have a place to sit, you have too many." -Progressive commercial. Brady quotes this to me almost daily because I love my throw pillows. They make a space more cozy and add comfort. I like to get the covers because I don't need anymore pillow inserts but these are some of my favorites. Amazon increased the price as I was linking these (the VERTKREA)*eyeroll*. I will let you know when they go back down again but they do have a coupon that you can click to save 5%.

I love this Duvet cover. It's so simple and clean looking and in our dark room it really brightens the space. The button details on the pillow cases and at the foot of the bed are what sold me. It is easy to clean. I wouldn't recommend it if it wasn't!

This probably should have been a sleep essentials blog post... But these sheets are a Malouf dupe. They aren't too hot, which I love and not too cold, which Brady loves. We have these in the light blue and a dark grey.

This has saved Brady and I a lot of arguments. We put this on our dishwasher and all you do it rotate it to clean after you start the dishwasher. It is magnetic but Brady and I don't have a magnetic dishwasher so we just added an adhesive sticker to the back.

I know there aren't many things on this list. I actually thought that I had bought more home decor from Amazon but I've noticed that a lot of it was craft things that I have turned into home decor. I will make a post about that next week because I know some of you are looking for decor ideas for fall and that is what a lot of my crafts were.

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