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Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's day is just around the corner and if you are like Brady and I you may or may not have kids. I think that it is still nice to make the special woman in your life feel appreciated. These are all gifts that I personally would like to get and if you're here, then your woman would probably like these too.

Sole Society bags or shoes: I don't buy shoes or bags from here unless it is for a special occasion because they are a little pricey. They are totally worth it though because the quality of their products is amazing. They will last quite a while. Here are a few of my favorites. You can click the link above and get $15 of your purchase.

Made by Mary Necklace: They have the cutest necklaces, rings and earrings! They have this necklace that says warrior on it to represent those who may not be mothers yet but are working hard to become mothers.

Boutique Rugs: They now have some home decor items and aren't just rugs anymore. I just recently ordered a throw blanket that I absolutely love! Want to keep your lady warm? Give her a throw blanket. If you use code MOM60 you can get 60% off your purchase.

Roolee Gift Card or Dress: This is one of my favorite local Boutiques. I love basically all of their clothes. They also have some great home decor. A gift card would be a great gift if your wife or mom likes to shop. Otherwise a dress would be a great option.

Antique Candle Co.: I can't talk highly enough about this place! They have the best customer service on the planet. They are the nicest people. They have a wide variety of candles depending on what smells you like. Brady and I love the Orange Grove candle or the Mango Citrus candle.

Shutterfly Photobook or Chatbooks: A photo book would be such a great gift if you have a little bit of time to make one with Shutterfly. You could also create a photo book with Chatbooks by just uploading images straight from your camera roll.

Digital Drawing or Watercolor Drawing: I love the drawings of families together. I think they are so cute and personal. I have a friend named Kam who does digital illustrations or another friend named Brooke who does watercolor illustrations. I love both and think that your mom or wife would love them too.

New Bedding: This is a new company I found. They have nice bedding. Again this is a bit pricey and would be considered an investment piece that would last you a long time. It is great quality bedding and super soft and comfortable. Plus, this would also benefit you since you'd be sharing the bed with your wife ;)

Anyways, I hope this helps to give you a few ideas for Mother's Day that is different than flowers. Happy Mother's Day to you mammas!

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