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Holiday Decorating: What to Expect

Happy Holidays! This is my favorite time of year and I love decorating for this season too. I love making homes feel cozy and festive. I want to share my love for decorating and the holidays with you! I am offering my decorating services and this is a rundown of what you can expect.

When to Book:

I start decorating for clients the third week in November. This will give me time for those few people who like to be decorated for Thanksgiving. If you are wanting to be decorated for Christmas, then you will need to contact me by the start of the second week in November. I will start posting my availability on my Instagram in October so be sure to watch out for that so that you can get the day you want.

It's a Date!

Once we have a date and time set for me to come decorate, I will ask you for a theme or if you have "inspo pics" now would be the time to share with me. Your theme could be anything. Whether you are wanting a neutral Christmas or a "classy, rustic, Harry Potter" (yes, this is a theme someone gave me) Christmas, I will do my best to bring your vision to reality. We will also go over your budget if you would like to get new decorations at this point and set a date to go shop together. There is a virtual shopping option where I send you a mood board with links that you can purchase. Let me know which option you prefer.


I like to start decorating with a clean slate. When I come to your home, please have it picked up and any decorations that you don't want to keep up put away. It makes it faster for me to decorate which makes your cost less. I also ask that you have your Christmas decor out or somewhere that it is easy to access.

When I Come

I will decorate with the things that you have in your home. If you have purchased anything new please have it with your Christmas decor. If you would like to decorate with me, I will give you some design tips that I like to use to make things a little easier. If not, then I will decorate and show you when I am done.


I charge an hourly rate of $20. This is the same for shopping and decorating. For a mood board I charge $30 because of the extra time that it takes to find things and put together.

Let's Get Together!

If you are interested, let's get you booked! Send me a message on Instagram or Facebook @thehankshome or Jamie Hanks on Facebook.

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