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Occupied Staging: What is it?

Occupied staging is one of the different types of staging and it is a perfect option for those who are still living in their homes until it sells. This is most people who are selling their home. Staging is a great marketing tool to help your home sell quicker and for more money.

So, here is how occupied staging works. A home stager comes into your home and provides their design expertise to decorate your home with what is already there. When I come into your home, I use your own furniture to decorate with and will rearrange it in a way that is going to be appealing to most buyers. I will also make suggestions to help your home feel less cluttered with personal things so that the buyers can envision themselves in your home.

I do provide the option to rent decor from my inventory to help the home feel more contemporary and to replace personal decor and pictures.

As real estate agents, offering to hire me to come into your clients home is a great way for you to stand out as an agent in a competitive profession. It also shows your clients that you are going above and beyond to bring someone in with an expert opinion to help them. It can also help you stay in good standing as your clients real estate agent. Let me, your local home stager, be the one to tell them how to stage their home and declutter their belongings.

If occupied staging is something you are interested in, reach out! I would love to help. :)

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